Freelance and Contractors

If you work as a freelancer or contractor and you are using a limited company for your business then you need to ensure you are compliant with the IR35 legislation

IR35 legislation was enacted in April 2000. The purpose of this legislation was to stop businesses from making staff redundant and then employing them as contractors. This could potentially reduce both the National Insurance and personal tax payable by the employee and the National Insurance payable by the employer.

If you are a freelancer or contractor and you have not thought about tax planning then you may be paying more than your fair share of tax. Based on your current and future situation we can develop a business structure which ensures you comply with the requirements of IR35 and ensures you are not paying more tax than you are required to.

If you are using an umbrella company your administration fees could be too high. Talk to us to find out how much it would cost to have your own company, payroll and VAT registration.

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Based in Burbage, Wiltshire, Sansum & Co offer a tailored service to meet the specific needs of individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We can help you to manage the administrative burden and reduce the risk of non-compliance with the growing list of fiscal and statutory requirements.

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