No matter what size of business you are we can tailor our service to suit you. We currently work from our home office but as we grow we hope to be able to offer an on-site service as well. You can send us your invoices and bank statements to us or we can collect them from you either monthly, quarterly, annually or at intervals which suit you and your reporting requirements.

Our basic bookkeeping service ensures your records are maintained so your financial statements and tax returns can be prepared and submitted quickly and easily. However, we can provide you with additional management information as well such as management accounts, cash flow forecasts, project profitability and gross margin analysis of your product lines to name but a few.

Depending on your preference we can use bookkeeping software of your choice, our preferred software or even a manual bookkeeping system if that is what you need.

Payroll, VAT & Tax Returns

As we are registered with the HMRC we can also prepare and submit your Payroll returns, VAT returns and tax returns online for you so all you have to do is make sure you pay the liability by the due date and if we are doing your bookkeeping, the fee for preparing and submitting your tax returns and VAT returns is significantly reduced.


Because we work from our home office our overheads are very low and therefore we are able to offer the most competitive rates in the area whilst still maintaining quality and professionalism as required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales ‘Code of Ethics’.

Depending on your preference we can agree fixed fees for a year or if you would prefer, an hourly rate. Combined with this we can setup a payment plan to smooth your accounting and bookkeeping costs throughout the year to help you manage your cashflow and so you don’t have a large bill at the end of the year as well as a tax bill to pay for.


If you are interested in any of the services listed above then our contact details can be found here. Give us a call or send an email to to arrange an initial meeting.


Based in Burbage, Wiltshire, Sansum & Co offer a tailored service to meet the specific needs of individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We can help you to manage the administrative burden and reduce the risk of non-compliance with the growing list of fiscal and statutory requirements.


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